Venue 1: Bovington Tank Museum, used for Fearnaught 2010 and 2011 and will also be used for an event in 2012. (details tbc)

Fear Naught was held at The Bovington Tank Museum , in the Sherman and Churchill conference rooms to be precise.

Both  of these room will hold 20 players in a variety of configurations; 10 1 on 1 tables, 5 2 on 2 tables or a mixture of both.

If you haven’t been to the Tank Museum then you’re in a for a very special treat, even those of us who have been before, or indeed a number of times before never fail to be amazed at the sight of the vast collection of these  fighting vehicles that we hold in such high esteem.

A ticket to Fear Naught also gives you free entrance to the museum for the two days, waiting around for your next game  perhaps? No problem the museum is 30 feet away.

Venue 2: Triple Helix Wargames   used for FearNaught-Market Garden 2011 and for a series of campaigns in 2012 (tbc)

Situated conveniently 10 miles or so outside Bath, THW is a ready to use Wargaming Centre and as such offer the gamer and event organiser a great deal.  No need to cart tables and stands, it’s all there ready for you to use. A warm welcome to boot and a shop for all your gaming needs.
Having attended the venue for Childsplay on more than one occasion I knew it would be ideal for Fearnaught and a lot easier to get to for our friends further north.