FearNaught 2012- Gazala

This event was held on March the 3rd and 4th 2012 and boasted 27 capable players (and Colin).

Featuring 17 doubles games and 22 single games, some compeleted in record time. All hard fought.

In true FearNaught tradition all the games used bonus cards and some games were heavily weighted. As per usual, everyone just faced up to the task and got on with it.

Gazala, while not the first campaign to fly in the face of the actual historical outcome it was the first to see an Allied win over the weekend’s fighting, a minor one, but a win nonetheless.  All the hardwork was done on day one which saw numerous German players having massive support from division in the form of extra reserves; the Allies held firm.  You’d think that having (with history in mind)  given the Axis forces more than a little helping hand on Saturday that I’d return the favour to the Allies in Sunday’s battles, how boring would that be?   Instead, I simply adjusted my ‘German objective’ and kept piling the pressure on the beleagured Allied forces and while the sheer wieght of numbers, artillery, air power and a few tactically placed Panzer 4F2s did quite obviously make a difference.  The Allies still did enough overall to gain a very hard fought, and enjoyable victory.