FearNaught 2011- Falaise

The Battle for the Falaise Gap  was held at  Bovington Tank Museum on May the 14th and 15th  (2011) and the  event was a  great success, details on the main page and photos in the Gallery section.

The result?   Another minor win for the Axis forces, the Allies once more failed to capitalise on their superior position and the Axis withdrew in respectable order to fight another day.

Here’s the list of attendees for this year’s event. Sadly the names struck out areof those who fell along the way.

      1. Brian McGonigle – Axis (21st Panzer Division/12th SS)
      2. Chris Carr- Allies  (7th Armoured Division)
      3. Alan Rennox
      4. David Green- Grenadier Guards Armoured Company
      5. Steve  Jones- Polish
      6. Chris Brownlow- US Armoured
      7. Rich Bond- British
      8. Tony Down- Germans
      9. Jeff Morgan- German
      10. Marcus Bennett- British
      11. Andy Powell- US Armoured
      1. Sam Street- SS
      2. Pete Entwistle- Jagdpanther company from 654 Schwere Abteilung/ 12SS
      3. Toby MacLeod- French/US
      4. Adrian Pickard-US Armored Rifles or German
      5. Colin Cavanagh- Germans
      6. Iain Miller-Germans
      7. Alan Graham– US
      8. Gary Hewitt- US Armoured
      9. Ian Rowe- German
      10. Paul Hartshorne- Allied
      11. Mark Waple – US  Infantry
    1. Jamie Morton – Germans
    2. Dave Randall- British
    3. Gavin Holley- German
    4. Nicholas Llewelyn- German Panzer Ko.
    5. Richard Gedney-German
    6. Nigel Emsen- German
    7. Michael Bolton
    8. James Funnell- German
    9. Paul Nettle- German
    10. Chris  Legg- US
    11. Tom Hall- German/SS
    12. Mike Parker- Polish
    13. Derek Wittenbury- German FJR
    14. Mark Martin- Brit