It’s back!

Hi everyone,

After a break of 4 years or so due to so many things I’ve decided to relaunch Fear Naught.

In the intervening years a few people have asked if I planned on running anymore but my schedule simply didn’t allow it, that’s changed sufficiently for me to start planning  another event. At this stage I’m thinking just a select group made up mainly of the regulars from previous events and perhaps some from the various Flames of War groups I’ve joined on Facebook who seem suitable candidates.

The event will almost certainly be held in either one of two  local village halls, both of which are easily capable of accommodating the numbers we need. and have all the amenities we’d need. Also both villages have a selection of takeaways and pubs for our grazing needs. I’m guessing the fact that it won’t be held in a Gaming store can be viewed either as a good or bad thing, I’d imagine most of us have enough toys now.

As for accommodation, there is a Travel Lodge 5 miles/14 minutes  away  but also a selection of AirBnB places which imho are far superior. There are 4 or 5 no more than two miles away.

The event itself will follow a similar pattern to previous events with a few updates and tweaks.  I had planned to run the next event based on Operation Husky and at the moment I’m thinking that this is still the way to go.
Also, we’ll be using V3.





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