Kursk- October 27th and 28th

Please note that this event has clearly struck a chord with the masses and is filling up quickly.  Can I please urge the regulars to confirm their attendence for this event as the places will be offered up for ‘ release’  in a week or so.

Currently we have:
McGonigle Brian
Carr, Chris
Rowe, Ian
Robinsion, Mathew,
Keen, Jol
Hall, Tom
Legg, Chris
Roberts, Mark
Marshall, Derek
Parker, Mike
Morgan, Jeff
Green, David
Nettle, Paul
Davey, Ben
Scrivens-Smith, Paul
Tromans, Steve
Philpot, Graham
Mcleod, Toby
Cavanagh, Colin
Bowman, Steve
Graham, Alan
Emsen, Nigel
Emsen, Byron
Street, Sam
Entwistle, Peter
Brownlow, Chris
Hewitt, Gary
Jones, Steve
Carr, Alex
Hazeldine, Steve

Thomas, Ross
Simon, Davies

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