After the dust has settled….

We have a winner.  After a very hard fought battle featuring no less than 17 double and 22 single battles where the Germans, with  the element of surprise, greatly superior air cover and not inconsiderable support from the rear managed only to breakthrough the ‘line’ of Allied defence at isolated points. The Allied line, although frequently buckling under the intense pressure and threatening, on more than one occasion to lets the Axis forces stream through, held  just enough to deny the Axis reaching their main goals of reaching the Trig Capuzzo in anything like sufficient numbers.  In fact the only forces of noticable strength that did get through were the Armoured Car force of Ian Rowe and Mat Robinsons Panzer Kompanie on the extreme southern edge of the German advance.   Consequently the  decision for the weekend was to award the Allies a minor victory.

This, historically did not go to plan. Even so,  we can execise some artistic licencse and claim that Rommel quickly consolidated what gains he had made and quickly re assembled his forces for another big push to break the lines to make El Alamein a realistic possibility.

Thanks to everyone for attending and making this a thoroughly enjoyable event.

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