Just waiting fron a few ‘regulars’ to confirm their attendence…

A few more days should see me having all the names in place so that I can really get down to that exciting task of picking a starting point for the weekend.

Previous events, excluding Market Garden saw the weekend kicking off not from the historical ‘beginning’ but at a point that saw all invloved deeply mired in the fighting.  At Anzio, allied forces already had a beachhead and were pouring  in troops and reinforcements and the front line was already a few miles

inland. The Germans were hastily reorganising and counterattacking and it’s no surprise that they did it well. The outcome of the weekend was that although the Allies had made someground, overall their efforts fell short of what was expected.  At Falaise the Germans were in full flight, but crucially it was not a rout, they held crucial points in the ‘pocket’ and even counterattacked on occasion and once more ended the weekend bloodied and battered but in far better shape than they shold have been.  In fact, much to the disgust of the Allied command, several of the German forces fought all weekend without replenishing their losses!  Ultimately, yet another glorious Allied opportunity squandered.

At Market Garden it was more of the same.  Well organised top quality medications. German defences and perfectly timed counterattacks proving once more that it was indeed a Bridge too Far.

In summary, 5 days ago – after three hard fought campaigns from Anzio and Falaise to Arnhem the Germans have  held the upper hand. Surely it’s time for the Allies to make ammends?

You’ll be glad to hear that I wouldn’t dream of picking a favourable situation for the Allies to kick off, I’m fully aware how insulting that would be.  So, the fighting will commence
with the Allies  in the horrid situation of not knowing where the bulk of Rommel’s forces are going to hit, with  scattered reports of attacks to the North the Allies  have to, for the moment sit tight in their boxes and hope.

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