Arika, here we come!

Great news, the first event (of four) for 2012 will be held at Triple Helix Wargames on March the 3rd and 4th .
The event will be set in North Afrika (in case you hadn’t read the title) and based on the fighting in May and June 1942 near Gazala, the exact locations to be confirmed.
Based upon input at the last event (and others) you’ll hopefully be pleased to know that far more weight at this event will be placed on historically accurate army lists, to that end I will be enlisting some help to ensure this happens.
Also, artillery and aircraft cards will be making a comeback. Other information is that the price of the event will remain the same although there may be some ‘food’ option available.
Finally, places will be first offered to FearNaught regulars before being offered to the mases. As per usual I’ll be placing extreme faith in you and asking you to email me to keep you a place at this stage (please do not send any payment yet)

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