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With a month to go I thought you’d appreciate an update.  With upwards of 27 names on my list it’s time to nail down who is playing what.
Here is the current list of players and forces, please forgive me if some are out of date.


  • Brownlowe, Chris-  ?
  • Emsen, Byron- British Paras
  • Emsen, Nigel- Royal Dutch Inf brig. (Irish  Guards)
  • Finch, Matt- British Paras
  • Green, David-  Grenadier Guards Armoured Company
  • Hartshorne,  Paul-  Guards Armoured Company (30 Corps)
  • Hewitt, Gary- US Paras
  • Jones, Steve-Welsh Guards (Armoured)
  • Martin, Mark- US Paras
  • McLeod, Toby- British, 1st Airbourne
  • Nettle, Paul- Kings Shropshire Light Infantry
  • Parker, Mike-  Polish Paras
  • Rowe, Ian- Welsh Guards
  • Scott, Andy -British Paras
  • Street, Sam- Irish Guards (Armoured)


  • Bellamy, Paul-?
  • Bowman, Steve- Kampfgruppe von Tettau
  • Cavanagh, Colin-  Fallshcirmjaeger
  • Cox, Nigel-?
  • Davey, Ben- Kampfgruppe Spindler
  • Entwistle, Pete- German ?
  • Funnel, James-Kampfgruppe Spindler
  • Hall, Tom- Kamfgruppe Spindler
  • Legg, Chris- Fallshcirmjaeger
  • Keen, Jol- ?
  • Marshall, Derek-?
  • McGonigle, Brian-Grenadiers
  • Roberts, Mark-?
  • Robinson, Matt- German Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier
  • Wittenbury, Derek- 9th SS Aufklarungs- Viktor Graebner

First of  all you’ll notice that there are more Allied that Axis forces I’m hoping that at least some of the ‘Allegiance not Confirmed’ players will be able to take Axis forces and a few of you currently under the ‘Allies’ list have already offered to swap.  Although the FS Campaign set allows for Blue on Blue  games it’s the last thing I want to see and every effort will be made to make sure it doesn’t  happen for very obvious reasons.

Once you’ve read this email to the end please drop me a line to confirm the force you would like to take and crucially if you are prepared to  swap sides.

As soon as I finalise/balance the forces you can then let me have your lists.     Quite simple, this year in that both lists are popular sizes coming in at 1750 and 1500.  Crucially and unlike previous events,  the two 1750 lists will be used in two separate games and the 1500 lists in the remaining one. Which brings me on to the format for the weekend.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response I got at Bovington this year after having asked “Do you prefer doubles or singles games?”  to which 20 or the 22 players replied “doubles!”
We are going to be having 3 doubles games over the weekend.   The only singles games that may be played will be due to having an odd* number of players.

Those of you who have played one or more of Battlefront’s Campaigns will wonder how we are going to manage to play a 5 turn campaign over a weekend where there are only three games… Simple!   We start from turn 3.  The campaign board, which will be set up on a separate table for the duration of the weekend will be  prepared in such a way that the battle is delicately balanced. I appreciate that at turn 3 the Allies will not experienced the early gains of the battle and that the Germans will have really got their act together by then but you’ll just have to deal with it.

Also, I’ll need some volunteer Generals for each side. If there are more than one per side; no problem I will decide who’s in charge and who’s 2ic. Ideally these players should have experienced playing BF’s campaigns before but this is not essential as training will be given.    Note (to the rest of you) that although the Generals will advise or even insist that you do things in a certain way, it’s ultimately down to the commanders what battles they chose to fight and where.  Note, please e-mail me directly with your request to be a General and do not reply to the mailing list.

I will send out another mailshot soon with some details of accommodation in the locale and of course details of our traditional Saturday night out meal.  (not sure about Friday night at this stage).

As in previous events  your help is required with terrain. You all know what type we need for this theatre of operations so please can you let me know what you can provide. It seems likely that we will need enough terrain for not more than 7  doubles tables (i.e. 2 6×4 tables together). Note that this time no baseboards will be required.

Finally, the ticket should be available by the time you get this email and they are priced a £22.65 and can only be paid via Paypal.   This price does not include food which will be available at the venue, prices and details for which I will send out soon.

Any questions please let me know.


*Not divisible by 4.

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