Fearnaught 2011- a brief summary.

To begin with a big thanks to all that attended the event which I’m pleased to announce was very well received and given a resounding thumbs up.
A hearty pat on the back to all the attendees who approached the campaign with a great attitude and it’s clear from the laughter (and jibes) that all the games were played in laid back and enjoyable manner.
In addition I’d like to thank Lee for his help with some of the special rules and of course his watchful eye on the various situations that unfolded over the weekend. Also, thanks Toby for your guidance on many matters leading up to the event, not all of which were implemented but appreciated nonetheless. Not forgetting all of you who brought along terrain for the tables which looked pretty damn good.  Last and quite possibly least a huge thanks to Ian (Rowe) who, thanks to a minor oversight on my part , switched allegiance with minutes to spare before the first Allied barrage. Last and quite possibly least- a special mention too for young Sam (Street) who swapped allegiance twice at my request before the event.

This year’s event had twenty players attending, which was somewhat down on the 34 booked but still worked well  and we fitted them all in the Sherman Suite.

We started off with 5 ‘big games’ , each representing a crucial area of the fighting in the pocket. These games went on until around 4.30/5pm at which point Lee and I assessed each of the games and called them to an end.  In some games a result had been reached or was about to be reached and in others we simply looked at the situation and after a quick word with the players called the result ourselves. We then had a quick summary at HQ around the main map and reappointed everyone to their ‘new’ tables. Some tables stayed the same but some were quickly altered to represent the fighting moving to the outskirts of the town for example.  We swithched the players around so that everyone was playing a different pair of players while trying to maintain reasonable historical accuracy.
Play on Saturday came to an  end at 6.40pm at which point we retired to the pub, had a light snack and retired for the evening.

Sunday’s games re-commenced at 9.30 with renewed vigour and continued until 1pm at which point we stopped for our buffet lunch and once more looked at the situation. In gaming terms it was absolutely in the balance. Falaise had  been claimed but not as quickly as expected and on Mount Ormel the Polish were doing sterling work and were still holding the crucial high ground.  In the middle the bridge at St Lambert was firmly in German hands as was the ford at Moissy. But the two huge battles for the road at Trun and the Crossroads at Chambois were set to continue with  a victory looking likely on occasion for the Allies.
The last session on Sunday afternoon saw the (big games) at Chambois and Trun continue but the three other big games were broken down into 6 smaller games  featuring fighting, North and South of Mount Ormel, at two points on Mount Ormel, one fight in the pocket itself and the last still at the bridge at St Lambert.


More soon.

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