Army lists

A decision has been made about list sizes.  Your main list will be 1750 points which is a pretty standard tounament size but you do not need to spend any of this allocation on Air cover or Artillery, so that’s a lot of points on grunts and tanks.
As last year, you can still take AT guns of course and ‘smaller’ stuff that would have been up at the front but leave the big stuff at home.
You will also need a second list of 500 points, this list is in addition to the list above, i.e. you should be able to deploy a 2250 force if required (both lists together).

Both lists can be taken from any source that covers the period (August 1944) and theatre (Normandy).  I’ve been told there are some lists  available online. When you submit your lists please let me know from where you got it (book/link etc).

If you are unable to create the second list (or even the first!) due to lack of models, don’t panic!  You can either beg steal or borrow the rest, or if you’re a real soldier you’ll make do with what you’ve got, brownie points available for under strength lists.  This isn’t a tournament and having perfectly balanced lists is not crucial. To this end there will be a degree of flexibilty in the 500 point list for the German players due to their predicament.
When sending me your lists please put FearNaught List for your name in the subject line.
Any questions, either e-mail me of post away on TWF.

Finally, no one has stepped forward with that crucial 2nd Polish list.  Does anyone have a Polish list/figures/models they wouldn’t mind loaning?

Look forwards to receiving your lists. Don’t forget to include any additional details i.e. elements of 277 Inf.Div. or SS-Pz Abt. 101/501.  etc (not essential)

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