Fear Naught 2011

The two rooms we used this year have been booked for 2011 on the 14th and 15th of May (Sat/Sun).

I anticipate having a few more attendees this year so both rooms will undoubtedly be in use.  The exact location of the campaign has not yet been decided, although potential battles are being added to a shortlist. One thing that has been decided is that it will be late war and it will be on the Western front. There are numerous  theaters that lend themselves very well to what we did at Anzio, i.e. fighting on a company level as part of a bigger operation.  I plan to get this sorted within a month or so in order for people who want to build armies/tables/terrain specifically for the event have ample  time to do so.

It’s  far to early to take payments but I will happily take names and give them first refusal nearer the date.

Fine details have obviously not yet been order  sorted but it will closely follow what we did at Anzio, I will take on board some of the suggestions and will unquestionably implement some more fiendish plans that I didn’t get around to in FN10

On a big plus the price for next year has gone up but will include a buffet lunch on the Saturday which I’ve been told by my man on the inside (Mr. B) is really rather good, new price £26.00 (looking into sorting something for Sunday too)

For those who didn’t attend this year,… note that this price includes entry to the museum on both days, (which would cost you £22. normally) and we’re more than happy if attendees would like to skip an afternoon’s play in order to make the most of the museum, as long as they let us know first.

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