and there we have it…

After literally hours of planning Fear Naught has come to an end for this year.
Thanks to all who attended and an extra thanks to those who brought  masses of terrain. <
We (Lee and I) had a great time preparing for this event and luckily we got to put most of our ideas into action, there were a few that didn’t make it but there’s always next year.
I’ll be writing up a report during the week which I’ll post in due course.
For those that didn’t attend, the weekend came to an end with the narrowest of wins to the Axis powers. the Allies threw everything at the Germans around Campoleone but ultimately had to break off. However they still held onto a few streets at the very edge of Campoleone.
Cisterna simply wasn’t threatened with the US forces involved not reaching their objectives. There were some allied succeses on the right flank with a crucial bridge held to stop elements of the Herman Goering division getting through to threaten the Allied flank.
The Axis even managed to break through the line completely with Hauptman (now Oberleutnant) Entwistle beating his way through to the  Allied rear only to find that he was the only one to do so and sadly finding himself cut off by the retreating Allied forces around Iso Bella.</p>

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