List updates.

Some questions have been asked about artillery at the event. Our intention is to have all the heavy artillery/divisional stuff off the table, i.e. us, the organisers will be taking care of it. (although we will ask you bring some along for the effect). What you can bring is anything that is historically correct. Simply put all the allied big guns were deployed around the beach head initially and for some time beyond and all the German heavy artillery was safely tucked away up in the hills and on the plains beyond.
So, mortars are not an issue as are some lighter pieces, my list knowledge is not good enough to give you a full list of what you can and cannot take. The trap you should not fall into is thinking you are not going to get any artillery/air cover, you will, but just like at Anzio where there were massive volumes of shells hurled each way, there will be times when someone else gets priority.

In addition, a bit late for some of you perhaps is the release of some Anzio specific lists from Battlefront. These are available  here
Feel free to use these, if you are one of the few that have already submitted their lists you may resubmit using the new PDFs. Note that the same restriction on artillery applies.

Finally, although you are  not allowed to take your own air cover there will be aircraft from both sides causing problems so the choice whether or not to take some AA protection for your force/s is still pertinent.

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