News from the front

Listen up here’s the  latest information from the front.

It’s around midday on January the 30th 1944.

The Allies are pushing ahead across the whole front and the Germans are buckling under the onslaught and pulling back from almost all areas.

Our orders, concentrating on three main objectives, namely pushing on for  Campoleone, securing Cisterna and reaching and cutting Highway 7.


The weekend’s fighting will take place in three sectors (mentioned above).  We cannot confirm numbers and who goes where at this stage as we don’t know how many Commanders will ultimately turn up.

We will be kicking off Saturday morning with a number of 2-v- 2 big battles. These will be based on tried a tested scenarios but will be tweaked slightly, clearly we’re not going to tell you how at this stage.

Onto the subject or army lists. So that those of you who may yet need to buy and paint models this is how we’re planning to do things.
We’d like you to submit three lists from Festung/Fortress Europe (yes, it’s Late War) One list  at 1250 points, one list for 750 points and one list for 500 points.  Now here’s the clincher, do not include any artillery or air support in your lists. The reasoning behind this is a) to emulate the situation which was especially clear at Anzio where both forces’ artillery was well behind the lines, well perhaps only a few miles in the case of the allies but nonetheless comfortably to the rear.  We’d still like people to bring artillery along but us (the organisers) will be taking control over it.  Please send your lists to me at my usual address.

Needless to say there will be plenty of shelling going on over the weekend but it’s going to work in a rather different way to the norm. There will be plenty of opportunity for you commanders to call  for some fire support, but it’s not limitless but frequently devastating.

The ‘secret cards’ idea is certainly going ahead.  These will actually be quite straightforwards in operation.  Players will get a few to begin the weekend to use when they see fit and we (the organisers) will also  be distributing them throughout the weekend. The reasoning is simple; to keep you on your toes and of course to make it more entertaining. I have a far longer list in front of me of the cards we intend to implement but I don’t want to give too much away at this stage.

Finally, for this update, the big game on Saturday will start at around 9.30-10.00 in the morning but of course we have no control when it will end. Experience suggests that some may go on for quite a while.  We have plans to that no one will be waiting around for someone elses game to finish and allowed for having staggered/overlapping games.  What I need to know is on Saturday afternoon you will not be forced/asked to play games if you would prefer to utilise the time to make the most of our amazing surroundings and take a walk around the museum.  Therefore, it you want the afternoon off could you please let me know.  I stress   there is no pressure either way.

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