Calling all terrain builders/owners

Please note that I will be setting aside a number of places for certain clubs and individuals who have kindly offered to help out with terrain for this event.

A maximum of four tickets for your club will be held on the basis that you provide at least two tables (6×4) for the event. Recent events I’ve attended have been gradually improving on the terrain front and I want this event to be the best yet.  Based on what I’ve seen and the messages I’ve had… this should not be a problem.

Although some photos of our chosen theatre make the local terrain look rahter sparse, close inspection shows that it’s anything but, with woods, railways embankments, villas, villages, an amazingly huge overpass which is at least a table in itself, the ‘factory’. Not to mention countless ditches and gulleys.

Did I mention that the weather was sometimes truly awful too, mud galore.

I think I’m off to get some more building insulation from the builders merchant.

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